Commissioners do not toss recycling


Commissioner Sammie Sias says he supports recycling, but this is about controlling costs as revenues drop.

“As we know the market has went flat with China so the question is do we just keep shipping recycling somewhere else for some else to put it in a landfill or do we consider putting it in our own,” said Commissioner Sammie Sias.

Sias purposing suspending Augusta’s recycling program something other commissioners cannot support

“No, no, no we need everything to improve our and enhance our environment and recycling does that,” says Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

Other Commissioners understanding there are issues with the program. and the city needs to look at solutions but they’re not ready to go cold turkey and suspend recycling.

“We have to look at all these options we have to look based on the numbers the losses the profits and those kinds of things as a result of what they bring back to us we’ll make an informed decision right now its just premature to say we’re going to suspend at this particular time,” says Commissioner Ben Hasan.

Commissioners voting to not suspend recycling right now and instead voting to hold a work session in January Sias saying he wants to see the programs revenues over the last five years, and what would happen to the recycling bins if the program is suspended.

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