Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – Commissioners were scheduled to discuss a major change in their weekly schedule but at the last minute they didn’t have to.

“Yes. I was surprised when the item was deleted from the agenda but probably some deeper thought went into it,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Commissioner Sean Frantom pulling his item for commissioners to debate starting their meetings three hours later in the afternoon. 

To allow more people to take part in city business.  

“People will come out no matter what time you have a meeting if it’s something on the agenda they’re truly concerned about, take a look around at this area right here this is something they are truly concerned about their down here,” said Commissioner John Clarke  

 Commissioners had a large crowd at Tuesday’s meeting, on the agenda, a new neighborhood development rezoning and a discussion of the confederate memorial.

Some pointing to the number in attendance as an example of why meeting times don’t need to change.  

“It goes to show you if the public is interested in the business on the agenda, they will come out no matter what time the meeting is,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Several commissioners oppose changing the starting time for the meetings, one reason they are hearing it could increase overtime costs for the deputy marshals who provide security.

“I talked to Marshal Ramone Lamkin he did tell me that, so we have some other things we need to consider before we even go that way,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams.

“From the Marshal’s Department standpoint, they could come in at ten o’clock that’s just baloney from the standpoint of cost,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

Later meeting time for commissioners looks to be something city leaders will tackle sometime later.