Commissioners curious about blight battle plan


Burned out and abandoned, and empty lots overgrown with weeds.

These eyesores draw constant complaints for Augusta leaders.

“And they’re basically all congested in one area. It’s good to have a reasonable and obtainable plan in trying to get rid of it in our community,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

Over the last few years Augusta has stepped up efforts to battle these community blights with limited success.

But the new year is promising a new approach, with Mayor Davis saying a battle plan is on the way to tackle the blight.

“As was asked by this body for the Mayor and administrator to put together a complete plan of action and that was requested in 2016 and we’re busy putting that together looking forward to sharing what those outcomes are,” said Mayor Hardie Davis before Tuesday’s Commission meeting. 

There were no details but commissioners who have been working on these issues liked what they heard. 

“I’m excited about it, hope it’s something really, really good we can use. I just think we got to get serious about property owners and let them know that…we welcome you, we want to help you, but we’re not going to tolerate you just doing it any kind of way,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

“By having a meaningful and reasonable plan to accomplishing the goal that would help the situation some but then we have to go back and insure we have the proper funding that we need in order to meet the goal,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

“Hopefully it is something we can really use and it’s going to be effective I’m for whatever we can do to make the city brighter,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

“I think the number one issue is get rid of the houses that have had fires, that’s just falling apart and and wipe them totally out,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

Mayor Hardie Davis says the plan is not ready to be unveiled yet but says it will be soon calling it about 80 percent complete.

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