Commissioners clash over policy setting


Augusta,Ga (WJBF) The item was a mystery, review how commissioners set policy, the mayor said he wasn’t sure why it was being discussed.

“My name’s not on that I don’t know about that talked to the author of that,” said Mayor Davis.

The author, Commissioner Sammie Sias.

“A lot of your colleagues are wondering what we have in mind here.”

Read your latest news articles you don’t havre to go back to far to figure that one out,” said Commissioner Sias.

About two weeks ago who speaks for the city was discussed when the EMS Council took up a letter from Mayor Davis saying the city of Augusta was still interested in replacing Gold Cross as the local ambulance provider.

But Commissioners John Clarke and Brandon Garrett spoke out at the meeting saying the mayor didn’t speak for the commission,and said the council needed to send every commissioner a letter to see if they supported taking over the ambulance zone.

And that is the motivation for Commissioner Sias.

“This is in particular reference to the EMS regional Council where they were talking about sending a letter to each commissioner for a decision that’s not the way this government does business,” said Commissioner Sias.

“We got our point across,” said Commissioner Garrett.

“Is that how policy should be made though?”

“It’s not a policy we just requested we be included in the decision making process,” said Commissioner Garrett.

“What Brandon Garrett and I did was went to the EMS zone to protect the citizens of Augusta if the other certain commissioners didn’t approve of it to bad so sad get over it,” said Commissioner Clarke.

Who should be in charge of ambulance service in Augusta has bitterly divided commissioners for more than two years now, now this latest dust up, in the end commissioners took the item as information.

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