AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Enter a city building, wear a mask. It’s been that way since October 25, but how much longer will the mask mandate remain, that’s what one commissioner wants to know.  

 “That’s all I want I want everybody to be safe but at the same time when is enough, enough,” 
 said Commissioner John Clarke.

Clarke Chars the Public Safety Committee and says it’s time commissioners talk about ending the mask mandate.

“Cases have gone down. I want the mandate to end, and let the people individually decide whether they want to wear a mask or not it’s just that simple,” said Clarke.

City leaders approved the mask mandate following an urgent recommendation from the City Administrator, but since the recommendation the number of COVID cases have dropped.

“The numbers drop but they can also climb, because there is a good number of people in the community, that’s not vaccinated, all it takes is that right situation at the right moment and and the numbers will go up again,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

When commissioners approved the mask mandate it was for the protection of city workers and they did not set an end date.

“As we thoughtfully look at the current data that’s in front of us we’ll make the adjustment related to masks and the wearing and will communicate that broadly to the public,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.  

So, the masks stay on except for some commissioners who wear them into the building but taken them off during the meeting.

Should commissioners be wearing masks if they’re mandating everybody coming into the building wear a mask?  

“I don’t think they should be mandating everybody wear a mask coming in the building so I’ll leave it at that,” said Commissioner Clarke.

And right now, commissioners don’t know when the masks mandate will be leaving.

Clarke admits he’s facing an uphill fight and doesn’t think commissioners will consider ending the mask mandate until after the first of the year.