Commissioner wants report on Code officer slaying


Smitty Melton was no stranger to law enforcement or city government offices and during the month of August he had dealings with the Tax Commissioner Marshals and as well as Code Enforcement.

The violent death of a city code enforcement officer has Augusta commissioners looking for answers.

“Yes we’re definitely going to review the process and procedures that had taken place to get the full story of what happened as well as look at where we go in the future with code enforcement.

Code Enforcement officer Charles Case was gunned down Thursday, while he was going to property owned by Smitty Melton to re-attach a condemned sign, that had been removed.

Two days earlier abandoned vehicles brought a Richmond County Deputy Marshal’s to Melton’s property.

The Marshal’s report says those vehicles were tagged with ten day notices meaning that after that time they will be towed and ticketed.

And according to records of the tax Commissioner the property Melton was living in as his home was sold for unpaid taxes

The death of officer Case and the potential dangers of being in code enforcement is increasing the support among commissioners to fold Code Enforcement into the Marshal’s office.

The benefits of having code enforcement under the Marshals office is you have more authority let’s say more training.

“More teeth in the game the fact that they would be armed officers walking into these areas it just makes sense to me and look forward to having that discussion,” said Commissioner Frantom.

Officer Case’s funeral on Tuesday in Elberton Georgia he is survived by a wife and four children, in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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