Commissioner wants action on fire chief allegations


Augusta,Ga (WJBF) Augusta Commissioners attempted to discuss the allegations against the Fire Chief at their last meeting in June it did not take place city leaders do not meet again until July 21st will the future of the fire chief come up there some city leaders say most definitely.

When it comes to the operation of the fire department some commissioners are turning up the heat.

“Which is lead by the Fire Chief in my opinion we have to look at this we have to look at it quickly in my opinion we have to act on it,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

The call to action prompted by the Augusta Firefighters Association providing commissioners with 700 pages of documents alleging discrimination, unfair treatment, low staffing levels and mandatory overtime,

“We need to come to some type of resolution we need to come to some type of understanding to take care of our people in the fire department,” says Commissioner John Clarke.

And some commissioners believe that means taking out the Fire Chief

‘If termination is the route the commission decides to take which in my opinion after looking at the information I believe that’s the logical end of this,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

But commissioners don’t see this as a chief problem but an employee problem with management.

“That’s the way it is you know every employee is not going to be happy with managements decision,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

But some commissioners are ready to make their decision final.

After looking at the information that’s been provided to all of us that’s the logical end of this

“Fire the Chief.”

“Fire of let him retire,” said Garrett.

Commissioner Garrett is one who does not want to wait until July 21stg to meet again he says a move to call a special metering before that is underway.

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