Commissioner Sias will stay away from Jamestown


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Commissioner Sammie Sias’ connection at Jamestown Community Center goes back twenty years, long before he was the 4th District Commissioner. But now Sias is facing some serious allegations about the activities at Jamestown.

Harold Cody’s five-year-old daughter lasted one day at the Jamestown Summer program. He took her out due to the behavior of Augusta Commissioner Sammie Sias.

“He should not be involved with no kids, period. No kids and with that attitude, the way you treat kids, I wonder do he have kids? You don’t treat any any anybody’s kids like that,” said Cody.

Willa Hilton was tight with Commissioner Sammie Sias. He appointed her to the Aviation Commission.

But when Hilton was let go from the Jamestown Community Center on Monday, she sent city leaders letters outlining serious allegations against him.

“I didn’t expect to see something like that out in the public without any kind of supporting evidence,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Hilton’s letter accuses Sias of mistreating kids at the center, saying she saw a lot of cruelty.

It accuses Sias of taking thousands of SPLOST dollars from the neighborhood association, and of pocketing money from camp fees and rentals.

It alleges Sias engaged in sexual harassment with her and others.

And that Sias had alcohol, a loaded gun and watched pornography at Jamestown.

“We’re very early in the investigation and that’s what it is, an ongoing investigation. I’m really not at liberty to say anything more than that,” said Ron Houck, Interim Recreation and Parks Director.

Mayor Davis says these are just allegations, but adds, as of right now, Sias is out when it comes to going back to the Jamestown Community Center.

“Mister Sias has again decided that’s in the city’s best interest for him to remove himself from Jamestown Community Center and I think that’s an appropriate step on his behalf. That’s what needed to happen. That is what has happened,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

I talked with Commissioner Sias, he calls the accusations lies. He says he will address them at a press conference on Friday at 3 p.m. He says he has retained legal counsel.

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