Commissioner Sias says tax dollars were saved at Jamestown


August,Ga (WJBF) Former Augusta Commissioner Moses Todd telling city leaders they needed to do the right thing and approve a forensic audit of the spending of hundreds of thousands of dollars at Jamestown.

“Forensic audit follows the money, that’s one thing it do, but it also it tightens up the security the procedures,” said Todd.

Willia Hilton the former manager at Jamestown has accused Commissioner Sammie Sias of taking thousands of sales tax dollars and making up invoices to cover his tracks, and that has some commissioners supporting a forensic audit.

“Let’s just see where we are in this instance with the SPLOST funding and for other funding for Jamestown, I think we need to make sure we look at it and make sure everything is accounted for,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

Commissioners have called in the GBI to investigate the FBI is also involved so others say let those run their course before spending money on a forensic audit.

“I want to make sure we be fair and that we support whatever the investigation is from the FBI and GBI not just up and give the indication that yes there’s something wrong out there,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Sammie Sias was President of the Sandridge Association when it contracted with the city to operate Jamestown, Sias said 16 years ago the request was to build the building there and architects said it would cost 450 thousand dollars he said Sandridge did it for 130 thousand dollars.

“We we’re bestowed 130- thousand dollars to do 450 thousand dollar project I don’t think that leaves much room for fat, I know dog gone well it don’t leave any room for skimming but we got it done,” said Sias.

Commissioners took no action on approving a forensic audit of Jamestown, and the spending of money there, but as we first reported yesterday future sales tax spending will not be going through the Sandridge Community Association as it did in the past.

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