Commissioner says little heard from ex officials


Augusta,Ga (WJBF) At least one Augusta Commissioners isn’t happy with what he heard from two former city officials.

As we first reported former Administrator Janice Jackson and former Attorney Andrew Mackenzie were called into the Commission legal session Tuesday.

Commissioners wanted to hear from both, because last year Willa Hilton made complaints to them about Commissioner Sammie Sias actions at Jamestown Community Center, yet city leaders were never told.

“What did you get from these two who talked yesterday, were you happy and satisfied with the results?

“I wouldn’t say there were any results we didn’t get a whole lot out of that you know we can’t talk about exactly what was discussed in legal,but it was very telling of the lack of information we received,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

Jackson and MacKenzie, resigned instead of being fired in April, but were granted one years severance pay each, that’s costing taxpayers more than 300-thousand dollars, Garrett saying Commissioners can not end that severance pay early.

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