Commissioner questions Olive Road safety measures


Olive Road at the rail over pass has been open about a week now after the city has put in $25 thousand dollars in safety improvements however some city leaders say they don’t go low enough.

The signs say trucks are no longer welcomed here, traffic must go over two sets of speed humps as it approaches the rail overpass

Trains are using the bridge, but those in the area say even with the new measures its just a matter of time before the bridge is hit again.

“It’s going to happen again because they already had the lights up those speed bumps aren’t good,” said Carol Arrington.

“I don’t like the speed bumps it still don’t make a difference it don’t make a difference,” said Yolada Awosusi.

That concerns commissioner Marion Williams, because a too tall vehicle hitting the bridge can be deadly.

“We lost a life let’s not forget about it we had a truck hit it from one side knock down a beam on the other side down on a car was not even involved,” said Commissioner Williams.

CSX Rail company’s solution was not what the city did here, it wanted this section of Olive Road closed.

“No do not close the road they shouldn’t do that,” said Awosusi.


‘’Because a lot of people take this route,” she said.

What Commissioner Williams doesn’t want to close the road, but wants to see here a bigger deterrent to large vehicles. he wants to see a sturdy structure in front of the overpass that would get hit before the bridge

“We ought to be able to put a beam structure across there just like the bridge same height a truck can’t get through there it won’t hurt anything, maybe the truck but we’ve had too many accidents,’’ said Commissioner Williams.

Traffic engineers opposed the idea saying a city supplied structure would make Augusta liable if it gets hit but Williams says the city needs to think safety first.

‘’Put a structure there if they hit it it won’t damage the railroad there it won’t damage the bridge we had an accident like that before we don’t need that any more,’’ said Williams.

Commissioners are scheduled to talk about the safety improvements here on Olive Road at Tuesday’s Commissioner meeting however some city leaders feeling now that the road is re-opened this issue at least for now is closed in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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