Commissioner questions Mayor’s SUV request


Mayor Hardie Davis wants Augusta commissioners to hand him the keys to a new car. 

Davis is requesting commissioners approve going out for bids for a Chevrolet Suburban LTZ.

It’s a large SUV  that the mayor told some commissioners would be used for his staff.

According to the website, the vehicle costs between $50 – $60,000 dollars. 

Commissioner Marion Williams feels that’s too much. 

“We’re not even going to discuss nothing. Not no $50 or $60 thousand dollar car. We’re not going to do that. If he wants a car, we can get something reasonable. He says he needs a car for his staff to run around, he didn’t say anything about a SUV. He didn’t say anything about a sports car, anything like that. He said he wanted a car for the staff,” says Commissioner Williams. 

This is not the mayors first request for a car. In 2015, his proposal for a $28 thousand dollar Ford Explorer for the office was turned down by commissioners.  

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