Commissioner defends city ambulance rates


Getting taken for a ride will come with a cost in Augusta, at least to the hospital. 

The city is adding two more ambulances and is working with a private company to set the fees for patients.
A commission committee has approved 11-hundred 50 dollars for transporting  and 16 dollars fifty cents a mile. 

It will cost two hundred bucks if an ambulance shows up, even if no one goes to the hospital. 

“Just like any other ambulance service does you know the same thing which we should have anyway we’ve been going out on calls with out current provider and not getting paid for it so they should be paying us so we have a rate structure  then we can bill them,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

 Augusta is working on taking over the Ambulance Zone from Gold Cross, and officials say these rates will apply to any company the city contracts with. if it’s awarded the zone.

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