AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Augusta finance officials say the city needs the tax rate proposed but right now there’s not six votes to approve it.

“Because it’s a tax increase to the taxpayers when you look at all the property values that went up this year with the reassessment it’s important that we roll it all back,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

Frantom and others support the rollback for this year’s millage rate, the rollback would keep taxes roughly the same, even after property values skyrocketed from reassessments.

But finance officials say that would cost the city roughly a half a million dollars in revenue, but supporters of the rollback aren’t buying that.

“Based on the robust economy that we have had most of this year including the sales tax I don’t see where we are going to be short,” Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

But the city is facing expenses. The fuel budget has taken a big blow due to gas prices this year, and the city is planning a new fire station in the Powell Road and Gordon Highway area and that station will need to be equipped, so that’s why some are not for the rollback.

“I think the citizens would understand that in order to make things work here in Augusta, we need to do the proposed rate if we don’t, we’ll be in jeopardy,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams.  

“We just got 86 million two years ago from the COVID monies, so we’re in good shape, we need to do the full rollback and we’ll be good,” said Frantom.

But that’s not what city budget writers are saying.