Commission will discuss revamping recycling


Augusta,Ga (WJBF) Ever since a consolidated Augusta began providing garbage service nearly 20 years ago recycling has been part of the program but later this month city leaders are scheduled to sit down and and gather information on whether the current recycling program needs to be tossed out.

Only about 30 percent of Augusta’s trash service customers are recycling however many of those with a can with the blue lid are really are into it.

“I have one and its full to the brim.right now with all the Christmas left over,” said Dee Trevor.

But heading into the new year Augusta city leaders plan to have some serious discussions about the current recycling program.

With a workshop to discuss revenues and expenses over the last five years due to the declining market for materials.

“One of the big issues is the resale value of it, the bottom has dropped out there’s nowhere to sell it there’s no money being made on it but a lot of money is being spent to recycle,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

George Eskola:Reporter
Last month some commissioners talked about suspending curbside recycling.

“I’ve looked at other cities and they’ve discontinued their recycling program for the same reason the costs to the taxpayers far outweigh the benefit received,” said Commissioner Clarke.

“I’m not sure of that when you look at most communities have recycling its kind of a cultural thing that you want to have these aspects let’s look at where we can revamp it where were not losing it,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Sean Frantom.

Mayor Pro-Tem Frantom supports recycling but says it will be difficult to keep it in its current state.

“How do we keep recycling is the issue do we have more drop off locations and we don’t have the residential piece do we you have to buy in to have recycling I believe in recycling most people in communities believe in it,” said The Mayor Pro-Tem.

Augusta does contract with private companies to provide garbage service and if you were going to make any changes to the recycling program that should be done in negotiations on new contracts however these current contracts do not expire until next year in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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