AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — When it comes to naming a new city administrator, commissioners say to wait until next year.

“I think that most of the commission came to the realization, you know what, let’s just pump the brakes on this, let the new commission, the new mayor coming in, let’s just let them take a look at this,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

Commissioners voting nine to one to wait until the first committee meetings in January to begin the process for hiring a new administrator. Dennis Williams was the only no vote, saying commissioners need to do their jobs now.  

“Why would we have to wait until new people come in when the people are already there have the experience of what the job entrails [sic] instead of relying on someone who comes in a new,” said Williams.

The proposal before commissioners was to change the experience level for the position from three to five years to six months. That would allow the interim administrator to qualify.

But some are saying lowering the experience level is not in Augusta’s best interest. 

“Why in the world would you want to dumb down the qualifications when we are trying to raise our level up, I want someone who has experience in this job,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

But as commissioners voted to begin the search next year lowering the six-month experience level was not approved.

“That’s a conversation we’re all going to have to have we’re going to have to walk through it,” said Garrett.