Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – Freshly mowed Bedford Heights Park is on the list to tour on Thursday, it’s also on the list as a recommendation for the city to walk away from.

It was these visitors and not commissioners at Hickman Park, but commissioners are planning to visit Hickman Park Thursday, because the park is on the list to be closed.  

 “No, I’m not aware of that I would hope that stay open in some form or fashion and continue to be used as a park.,” said Kelly Skelley, a park regular.

Commissioners are planning to tour nine city parks on Thursday, many of the same ones that have been recommended the city divest from, to cut maintenance costs.

 “Those facilities that are not being used appropriately you have to take a look at it to determine what’s the best alternative,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.  

“We need to look at some of these places and how much money are we spending we have got some parks where we spend over 200-thousand dollars on the upkeep,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams.

Activity in some city parks is spotty but is closing the answer.

“As far as closing parks I am not for that, but I would like to know explanations on how the money is spent to maintain them,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

As Commissioners consider closing certain parks, they are also looking at spending big money on others.  

One proposal on the table 700 thousand dollars for improvements at Riverwalk.

You are talking about doing something really nice for downtown $700,000 actually is a little bit low, in my opinion but we ought to be looking at making sure we do the things that are necessary for the Riverwalk,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason.  

Once this tour of city parks is complete the commission is expected to revisit the funding request for Riverwalk and Diamond Lakes next week.