AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Most of the time, in Augusta waiting for a bus means waiting in the elements the city has grant money for shelters one commissioner saying those dollars need to be stretched as far as the can.

Waiting for a bus in Augusta can put you at the mercy of the weather.

“People are waiting, in the rain, in the freezing, then you turn around in the summertime 100-degree weather and they’re waiting with no shelter,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

Wet, plenty of times wet plenty of times,” said Thomas Burns.

Thomas Burns knows all about not having a roof over his head or a bench to sit on waiting for a bus,  

There is no shelter at his Wrightsboro Road bus stop, in fact 70 percent of city stops do not have a shelter. 

“They need them, and they need more of them they should do something, what did they do with all the money they have,” said Burns.

“In January the city announced a one point four-million-dollar grant for bus shelters.

The money will be used to refurbish existing shelters, this one on Wrightsboro Road needs a lot of work after it was hit by a car.

About 100 shelters like this one on Wheeler Road need to be made A.D.A complaint. 

Commissioner Clarke wants a commission discussion on the shelter grant, and he wants to focus on refurbishing shelters to stretch the grant dollars so more stops without shelters can get them.

“We can refurbish these bus shelters for a fraction of the cost of waiting to spend 15 to 18 thousand dollars a unit for a new shelter,” said Clarke. 

For years bus riders have heard there would be new shelters they have grown tired of waiting and want to see action.

“Now, now, that’s the best way I can tell it,” said Burns.

Commissioners are scheduled to discuss the path forward on bus shelters at their meeting on Tuesday talk is all they can do, the money for shelters is not yet in city hands.