Commission to get answers on storm water program


Weeks of rain are creating issues in Augusta and prompting Augusta leaders to take a look at the storm water program and where tens of millions of dollars being collected for drainage issues are being spent.

All the rain is creating some pain according to Augusta Commissioner John Clarke.

“When you ride through neighborhoods and you see the flooding and you see the raw sewage floating around then you got to wonder are we really getting our monies worth,” says Commissioner John Clarke.

Commissioner Clarke wants to talk about the recent flooding on how the storm water program is addressing it at Tuesday’s Engineering Committee meeting, some commissioners saying the program needs adjusting.

“I was the last person to vote for the storm water fee I didn’t really want to support it but I did because I think it’s a necessary evil so to speak I think we need to critique it I think it needs to be cut down,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

“Probably the biggest question I get is from constituents is you know is why am I paying six dollars but my ditch is not cut,” says Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

To deal with flooding, and drainage issues commissioners approved the storm water fee to pay for a storm water maitenance program.. 70 million dollars have been collected many leaders saying the program needs to continue.

I’m not going to say every aspect of it has been great as it could be but it has done a lot for our community in repairing our infrastructure,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

“Every program that we have can maybe use some adjustments so it’s good to talk about it I think people need to understand what it does,” says Commissioner Bobby Williams.

“You don’t want to throw it out?”

“No sir,” says Williams.

‘If we don’t fix this and get some good answers and the people are more comfortable with it then I can’t support it going forward,” said Commissioner Clarke.

Now Augusta city leaders are not going in over their heads taking a look at the storm water program the ordinance passed in 2015 calls for a review at least every five years in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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