Commission to discuss tele-work policy, and ending virtual meetings


Augusta, Ga  (WJBF) Augusta commissioners looking at two policy changes, one could potentially have more people leaving the building and working remotely, the other could have more people going back inside.

Some city leaders believe  its time to zoom away from meeting remotely saying the virtual meetings are getting in the way of conducting city business.

“It does you get way from the personalities you get away from the decorum,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

Commissioners Clarke and others want  to set a date to return to meeting in  person  after ten months of meeting virtually.

 “I believe it’s time for us I would like to see us get back into chambers and do the people’s business I don’t see why we can’t have temp checks,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.

Other precautions are in places there’s plexiglas to separate  the mayor and commissioners and staff, and that has some commissioners looking at meeting again in person as soon as  next month.

We decided we would look at it as of one March I think we should go back we got employees working in the building,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

While commissioners have been out of building city employees have not.

 Now the city administrator presenting a new tele-work policy   to serve as guidelines  for  working away from the office

So  commissioners are  talking about going back to meeting in person  while at the same time considering a new work from home policy for employees.

“Who said I would approve that policy I never said I  would approve it they’re working in the building now they’ve been working in the building all along,” said Clarke.

What hasn’t been in the building though has been commission meetings in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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