AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Cutting grass on city right of ways is one program paid by the stormwater fee, but some commissioners worry, fee payers are not getting enough bang for their bucks.

“People look around and see our storm water fee at work but then you look around you see areas that are not being taken care of and it costs that much,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight. 

City engineers are scheduled to make a financial report on the stormwater program to commissioners on Tuesday.

Commissioners will hear more than 3 million dollars is being spent to cut over 150 miles of right of way six times a year, that comes out to a little more than thirty-three hundred dollars a mile to cut grass paid by the storm water fee.

“That’s much lower than it should be to me that still seems high but I’m not in that business I’m not exactly sure what is needed for a crew to be out there cutting each mile, I would love to see that cost come down,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

 “I do feel like it is too much especially if it’s not getting maintained when you get people calling and saying hey this isn’t being maintained why isn’t our money taking care of all this,” said Commissioner McKnight.   

The stormwater fee brings in more than 13 million dollars a year, and some commissioners say it’s time for an in-depth audit of the program. Commissioners will discuss on Tuesday.

“It’s not that were saying we’re looking for wrongdoing again, why not we need to look into it we need to find out exactly why it costs what it does,” said McKnight. 

Drainage is a big issue in the Garden City, and some commissioners want to make sure the money collected from the stormwater fee is not going down the drain.