Commission to debate final decision for LEC


Some Augusta leaders are ready to make a decision on the future of the  Law Enforcement Center. 

For more than a year, the building has been pushed as a possible site for a juvenile justice center.

Last week, developer Jim Hull presented options to put the building to use for Juvenile Court.

Tuesday, a commission committee is scheduled to debate what is being called the final disposition of the old facility, but some want to check out the condition of the building first.  

I would like to see for myself by taking a tour of 401 if what they’re saying is plausible, if it’s not I would like to be able to put my eyes on it and read it before I voted it up or down, said Commissioner John Clarke. 

Under the Hull proposal, his group would make renovations to the old LEC and after the work is completed the city could buy or lease back the building for Juvenile Court. 

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