Commission to debate change to strip club rules


Augusta city leaders have already said no to changing city code so adult night clubs could stay downtown into the future, and that’s fine with many..

“I use to go strip clubs a long time ago but now that I’ve changed my life I don’t think that’s a good idea to even have strip clubs any more,” said Corey Dent. 

Strip clubs are not illegal in Augusta, city code allows them in areas  zoned light industrial.

On this zoning map those show up in purple. 

Though the clubs are  allowed   city code states  adult entertainment establishments can’t serve alcohol.
“We’re trying to provide things and entertainment to entice people to go out and spend their dollars,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

So what Commissioner Dennis Williams wants is for city leaders to change the  code to allow adult night clubs to serve alcohol to their customers. 

 “There’s nothing wrong with an adult entertainment establishment even serving liquor as long as they go through the legal process if licensing and get approval from the Sheriff’s Department,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

But many in Augusta do  not want to see any  actions  to make opening a strip club more economically feasible.
“I don’t think they should open any club even if they can’t serve alcohol or if they can,” said Tabatha Helmly.

“So you’re no totally?” 

“No completley,” said Helmly. 

“It’s not necessarily opening the doors for more strip clubs  but it gives those that operate them or want to operate one the opportunity to be successful in business,” said Commissioner Williams. 

 Williams has support from other commissioners for these proposed changes and he says this is not about changing the code  for the clubs downtown, this only applies to possible future clubs in the light industrial areas.

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