Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – For some commissioners when it comes to meetings, the times need changing.

Why do we meet at two o’clock, why is it we’re the only government in the state of Georgia that has its commission meetings at the time that we do.

Commissioner Frantom whose been on the commission since 2015, wants commission meetings to start three hours later at 5-PM.

“Allows more people to be engaged in the process it allows more people to run for office it allows more people to come to the commission meetings,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

Commissioners have met at two since 2013, after three years of meeting at five and come city leaders do not see the need for change.

“I can’t support it and another thing is that is why we have live stream okay for those who decide they want to watch the commission meeting they can go right there to Augusta Georgia dot gov push the button watch the meeting at home,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.

You can get on zoom and stream and all these other things at your desk at work so it’s something I am not all that gung-ho about,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.   

Frantom is gung-ho about later meeting times, but he also has a full-time job.  

“Is there self-serving for you because of your job?”

“No not at all, I would have done this when I started if that was the case, I got two years left I will continue to do the job if it’s not voted on,” said Frantom.

Commissioner are scheduled to vote on meeting times at their two o’clock session Tuesday.