Commission to debate Brown birthday bash.


Augusta Commissioners are set to debate taking part in a party for the “Godfather of Soul.

The Milller Theater wants $10-thousand dollars to hold a James Btown birthday bash on May 3rd.

The money would allow the event to be free.

But last week, many commissioners complained the Miller would be too small, and wanted to hold the bash at the Augusta Common.

“This was all about the Miller Theater. They came to us. It was their idea. They want to show off the Miller. They had 150 events there last yea,r done a tremendous job for this community. Coco Rubio has done a tremendous job as a downtown ambassador. It’s going to be at the Miller. It’s only going to be at the Miller,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Sean Frantom. 

Commissioners are expected to make a final decision on the event Tuesday.

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