AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Augusta commissioners on roll with setting this year’s tax rate say this year has been rough on taxpayers.

“It sure did and that is why I am for this rollback. Citizens, taxpayers have already had enough,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight 

Commissioners approving the rollback rate for this year’s millage means Augusta’s taxes will remain roughly the same for most taxpayers.

“Just about everybody in our community with new tax assessments this year, so everybody’s property values went up, and that raise what potential tax rate would be, so this rollback helps preserve some of the impact to our community,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

City budget writers said the rollback will have impacts and would result in an almost a half million dollars loss in revenues, but only Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams voted no.

“People in Augusta want more we look at what other cities are doing, and we say why can’t we be doing that, and we have to have the money,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams.

“Your finance people, your administrator [say] let’s not rollback, it’s going to cost us money, you didn’t listen to them this time?”
“I didn’t listen to the parrot talking, no,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

Commissioners now have spoken and the tax rate will be rolled back in Augusta.