AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Augusta commissioners must approve a millage rate, but some give and take is needed.

“Do I have to be the one that is always giving up, we just have to come to a conclusion and sometimes we have to eat a little crow, but If I have to eat some crow, everybody is going to have to eat some crow,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

At their last meeting when commissioners failed to approve the tax rate and were told the city is now looking at getting a loan if necessary.

“Tax anticipation notes are already in the plan in the event of a motion is not passed as it is today,” said Interim City Administrator Takiyah Douse.

Finance officials say the Fire Department needs more than $14 million in equipment, so some commissioners proposed a compromise; increase the fire tax only, about $30 more for the average home.

“We need the fire service, and this is going back to what we need as a progressive growing city we want a new fire station we have to provide it and that costs money,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

So what’s wrong with a little tax increase to help fire?

“What’s wrong with it, what’s wrong with any tax increase?” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.  

“I’ve going to stand strong and stand behind a full roll back, we need to do what’s right for the citizens,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.

“I’m dead set on not rolling the tax back, we’ve done that for seven or eight years, so there comes a time when you have to pay the piper,” said Commissioner Williams.  

Commissioners need to come to an agreement, but it appears neither side is in the mood to compromise.