Commission questions budget proposal for RCSO


It’s music to the ears for some city leaders, as the Administrator’s budget recommendations are   calling for $200 thousand dollars to promote concerts  at Lake Olmstead stadium next year. 

 “With some of the special events it could generate more revenue for the city it would generate publicity for the city and open up other eyes to our community,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

Two of the themes in the administrators  budget recommendations  are leisure services and special events, but what about law enforcement. 

 “I think it should be a high priority obviously the safety well being of our constituents is the most important so people will want to invest here and come here yes we got to have that discussion,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom. 

The Sheriff’s Office requested more than 680 thousand dollars to complete raises that started this year,

During last year’s budget discussions the sheriff accepted  less money then he wanted with the understanding the rest of the funds would be included in  2019, budget.
 However the sheriff’s request wasn’t included in the administrator’s recommendation, leaving some commissioners in the dark. 

“There’s no understanding because there’s been no discussion again this is my frustration with the budget we put a budget out with no discussions department heads haven’t even seen the budget,” said Commissioner Frantom. 

Commissioner Dennis Williams supports law enforcment but says the budget is complex. 

“There’s other priorities also so sometimes there may have to be some compromise on one end this year and to better next year,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

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