Commission okays 500 dollar car allowance


Commissioners approving a $500 dollar a month car allowance for all ten members.

Without any debate Augusta Commissioners say yes to a pay raise.

The car allowance will replaced the free monthly gas program commissioners receive.

The new policy will not start until 2021 by state law, but five current commissioners will still have the chance to get the money.

“Some of these commissioners won’t get it and some of them will get it but it’s really about the future being mindful of what it takes to do what we do every day,” says Commissioner Ben Hasan.

You will get a benefit from it for at least a year.

“Yeah I will. I will but, at the same time I think it’s something that should have been done just didn’t have the courage to go ahead and go for it,” said Commissioner Hasan.

The car allowance will add six thousand dollars to each members salary, and for all commissioners will cost 60 thousand dollars.

The money however will be taxable.

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