Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – The Confederate memorial has towered over Broad Street for more than 140 years, but Augusta commissioners now are talking about its future.

“Among my colleagues there’s a conversation potentially putting it on the ballot and let the voters make the final decision that’s fine with me I can live with that,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

The idea of putting relocating the monument as a binding resolution on the ballot was presented to commissioners at their last meeting, city leaders now giving it consideration.

“I’ve always been the proponent of the larger issues let the voters determine so I’m not opposed to having this on the ballot,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

“We’re nonpartisan elected officials, we’re supposed to represent everyone if the people want it on the ballot let’s put it on the ballot,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

Binding resolutions are something Augusta voters have seen before.  

Sales taxes votes are binding resolutions, so was the one approving Sunday liquor sales but those came after the state passed laws.  

“So the question is can a local commission put a question on the ballot without some type of legal law that s allowing them,” said Elections Director Travis Doss. 

But some commissioners say if a binding resolution is illegal a non-binding resolution could be put on the ballot. 

“It would give us some sense of direction how the community feels so we can take full advantage of that and come back with a vote one way or another,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

Commissioners may have voters weigh in before making this monumental decision.