Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – Fleming Park is in line for a major makeover, thanks to funds from the next phase of the sales tax and the city taking steps to get more bang for those bucks.

“There are so many projects that we need to get off the ground and the city just doesn’t have that capability to dive deep in so having some extra help is going to be good,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.

Commissioners approve hiring a local engineering firm to serve as project manager for Recreation Department sales tax spending during the next phase of the sales tax. 

“The Recreation Department is smart by bringing in some expertise to help them not just spend the money but spend the money wisely,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams.

The expert help is expensive, it will cost five million dollars spread out over five years, money from the sales tax will cover those costs.

“It sounds like a lot of money but when you look at it with a city this size you do you need that support,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.

The city has hired consultants in the past for sales tax projects, but some commissioners are not happy about having to hire outside help for the Recreation Department 

“Unfortunately, we do need the expertise because it appears we were not able to do the appropriate type of job and that ought to be addressed as well at some point,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

The city is preparing to do some expensive work to improve the places people play.