Commission endorses amphitheater at Olmstead stadium


Augusta commissioners  officially go on record when it comes to the future of Lake Olmstead Stadium.

They approved a measure that designates Lake Olmstead as the site for a city amphitheater. 

With GreenJackets gone the stadium is no longer needed for baseball. 

There are no hard numbers on what it would cost to renovate the ball-park, or whether it would be used. but  supporters say the city needs to take advantage of the location. 

“I think we just approach it with the will to do it and if we put an honest effort at the end of the day if we think its not the feasible thing to do then we walk away from it right now I think we ought to approach it we cannot continue to say we’re going to base our on what other governments decide to do at the end of the day we need to approach this whole heartedly that we can do this,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan. 

 As part of the measure Commissioners agreed to go out for proposals from Amphitheater design firms to determine the costs of renovating the stadium

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