Commission doesn’t address landfill issues


Augusta.Ga (WJBF) It is being described as an absolutely mess at the city landfill commissioners gathering today to discuss the issues out there today, gathering but not discussing.

When it comes to dealing with Augusta’s solid waste landfill, this was a waste of time.

“The seriousness of this landfill and all of the complaints we got with the EPD-EPA all of the leakage and stuff going on I’m really disappointed,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

For months the Georgia Environmental Protection Division has had Augusta on notice, the landfill is out of compliance.

Problems like garbage contaminated rain water continuing to leak.,

The state saying the city had until March 4th today to submit a corrective action plan

Commissioners scheduled a meeting to discuss the landfill, but not enough members showed up to legally go into executive session,

“The government can’t brush it off, we’re not fine with it it does need to be discussed and I’m disappointed enough commissioners did not come to the meeting today for us to discuss it,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

Officials were waiting to respond to commissioners questions, though some city leaders believe the problems are being addressed.,

“The director is working on them and trying to correct them and that’s pretty much all you can do and it’s not like the corrections will be done overnight when you look at our weather adds to the problems,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

But there are major problems at the landfill, that the city is being required to fix.

“Could cost this government money?”

Could cost this government a lot of money,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

Now the city administrator did have a page long list of recommendations to address the issues at the landfill commissioners not hearing those recommendations the administrators office saying this issue will probably be revisited at the next legal session, In Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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