Commission could consider Lock and Dam compromise


Augusta leaders wanted to save Lock and Dam in order to save the pool downtown replacing the dam with a rock weir by the Corps own estimate drops the level here by at least two feet, too much for city leaders.

Brian Brittingham’s riverfront property still has the scares from last winters river draw down that simulated the Corps plan to replace the dam.

Brittinghams seawall was damaged. his neighbors wall got it worse.

Had a neighbor two doors down just had it repaired and they spent almost 50 thousand dollars getting it repaired now I don’t even know if that sea wall is in the right spot for them,” he said.

Augusta is in a spot now the Corps of Engineers over ruling the city’s wishes and deciding to take out lock and dam for a rock weir that will lower water levels two feet downtown

The city’s options expensive federal court or change federal law.

It’s an up hill battle for sure but we’re going to go down fighting and I anticipate we’re going to have talks here and DC coming months,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Sean Frantom.

The Corps announcement offered a compromise, stating a taller weir could be built that would raise the river level by a foot,however the Federal Government would not pay the extra costs,

“I’m willing to look at a compromise and that’s what we should do is get all the parties together and come to some type of negotiated agreement,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

“I don’t think we can agree to that yet is that an outcome that could happen absolutely do I want to spend 20 30 million dollars fighting a legal battle know I don’t but I understand as a region we got to stay together on this.

“I’d rather see it lose one foot than two but I’d rather see it lose zero,”said Brittingham.

So just how much money would be needed to put up a higher weir at Lock and Dam the Corps of Engineers saying today that cost would be 27 million dollars. in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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