Commission considers uses for 11 million in rescue act funds


Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – The 2022 budget has been approved, however there is still 11 million unassigned dollars commissioners are discussing how to use.

 If there are rescue acts funds still to spend Commissioner Dennis Williams has two areas where he would like to see the money go.  

“The project over at Hyde Park trying to complete that and make sure we’re in good shape for the veterans cemetery,” he said.  

 But with the mayor and ten commissioners and 11 million dollars available some want to see it equally divided by district. 

“I still want every district to get a million I think that’s something viable I think that’s something we can do,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams. 

 “The premise of it sounds like Dorothy and Oz, it sounds really wonderful, in actuality I want no part of it I do not want to be responsible for individual spending,” said Commissioner John Clarke.  

 Commissioner Alvin Mason saying slow down on the 11 million dollars.  

“Let us just take our time let’s not be in such a rush we don’t know what the new year is going to bring and what issues its going to bring I would prefer to have it there for what every issue may come up,” said Commissioner Mason.  

 One issue is the homeless, and the need for a new shelter, the cost has been estimated at three and a half million dollars. 

 “With a centralized shelter the proper funding we should be able to address the needs of all our community,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

 “So, some of that 11 million could go for the shelter?”  

‘Some of that use definitely,” said Williams.  

As for dividing up the 11 million among the mayor and commissioners, Commissioner Brandon Garrett, says he does not want to discuss that until he knows whether that would be legal under the restrictions in the American Rescue Act.

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