Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – It was scenes like this that had former City Administrator Odie Donald putting two and a half million dollars in Federal Funds in this year’s budget for something called a quick strike clean team now commissioners want to know when this team is going to take the field and should it. 

The problem is all over Augusta, poor maintenance, and the problem has not gone away since commissioners approved money in this year’s budget for cleanup. 

“The city is still a mess, and a lot of work needs to be done and it was an investment in improving the image of the community,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

The investment   is two and a half million dollars in Rescue Act funds for the for a quick strike clean team, but as we approach the end of June Commissioners want to know where the money is going.  

“There’s been absolutely no movement on it there has been no plans set forth a lot of the department heads have been approached in regard to how can you help with it we’re not getting any updates,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

Tuesday some commissioners seemed surprised at the dollar amount budgeted with some suggesting reprogramming the strike team funding to areas like park projects.

“I didn’t realize, two point five million dollars that is a lot of money that we can pull back and use in other places recreation,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams.  

“I say we take this money and if anything, apply it to Riverwalk, just like the discussion last week,” said Commissioner Garrett.

But others do not want to be so quick on moving the Augusta cleanup funds.

“When you start all that readjusting the funds from here to there a lot of times things get confused in the process,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Now Commissioners are going to hold off on reprogramming he money for the strike team until after the administrator gives an update on the program that update going to come at the Special commission meeting June 30th.