Commission attempts to clear air on rules


Many big issues facing the city the depot project blight, recreation facilities but commissioners holding a work session today basically on themselves, how their meetings and government should function.

It’s been tense at recent commission meetings that because Commissioner Marion Williams says the rules are not being followed.

“The mayor recognizes people, he wants to recognize,when he wants to recognize them we need to put the rules on the table so every body understands those rules and goes by them,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

So a work session to get the commission issues on the table, Mayor Davis chairs the meetings and he recently changed a long standing practice of requiring commissioners to be recognized by him before they second a motion.

“Then before a motion a motion can be seconded, you have to be recognized to make a second I can see that turning into a quagmire also,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

“It was definitely not the way any other meeting or setting I ever been in where Roberts Rules of order took place that’s never been needed,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

Mayor Davis, said some commissioners were calling for him to follow the rules so that’s what he did.

“We we’re told on multiple occasions by specific member of the commission we need to follow the rules so the point in time that we want to take a hard line approach of following the rules that’s what I did,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

But at the workshop the Mayor agreeing to stop requiring commissioners to be recognized to second a motion.

“We’ll be flexible and allow some one to blurt out second I’m okay with that,” said Mayor Davis with a shrug.

Commission rules have been called into question in recent meetings so as one commissioner said this reset was needed and hopefully will be helpful in the future in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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