Commission accepts new roof but not without criticism


Augusta leaders say mistakes were made when it comes to a new roof on an old city building.

As we first reported the Central Services Department office needed an $82 thousand dollar roof replacement, shortly after the building had undergone a half million dollars in renovations.

The roof was patched, but it didn’t hold. 

This brought commission criticism saying the roof repair should have been included in renovation work  instead of afterwards.

“A roof is like the most important part of a building make an assessment of the roof say this is going to have to be replaced it would have been cheaper to get it replaced in the midst of the construction rather than wait several months later and say it’s an emergency, said Commissioner Andrew Jefferson. 

Commissioners approved the money for the repairs, which have already been completed. 

The roof itself has not been replaced but has been patched.

The Central Services Department has approved a new policy that says for future building projects a complete assessment  will be done before any  work begins

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