AUGUSTA (WJBF) – John Crist is a viral sensation and this week he’s bringing his stand-up act to Augusta.

NewsChannel 6’s Barclay Bishop caught up with him a few days ago.

Turns out he is a journalism major and wanted to be a TV anchor.

He interned at a station in Birmingham and shared how he learned reporting wasn’t for him.

John said, “I said, I go, ‘man I don’t want to read the teleprompter. Can you just put like the bullet points? And I’ll just like free flow it. They were like, no dude we can’t. I was like, just tell me how many people were in the car wreck, like how many people are injured and like just the general synopsis. And they go ‘absolutely not, you can’t.’ And then my buddy, I was in a one-man band and my buddy goes, ‘You should be a stand-up comedian’.”

You can catch more of John Crist and his “Emotional Support” tour this Friday, April 28th at the Bell Auditorium.

Tickets are still available, click here.