COLUMBIA, CO. (WJBF)- Columbia County leaders are sharing their plan for growth for the next 13 years. It’s called “Vision 2035.”

The plan began back in 2015. But, County leaders use monthly training sessions to update the public of any changes.

“We’re rapidly growing, so there are several things that are underway now. As we continue to grow we would imagine we’ll continue to see commercial growth in areas like Gateway, out in Grovetown. We’ve got Greenpoint mix-used development out at the Appling-Harlem exit starting with their commercial development that they have commercial and residential mixed used components as well that’ll be under construction certainly in the next five years. The plan allows for some additional in-field development in Martinez and Evans in areas that are already developed,” Col. Co. Planner 2 Danielle Montgomery said.

Business owners and representatives who came to Wednesday’s meeting say their main concerns are keeping rural areas intact. 

“So keeping, for example, rural development in Appling– concentrating commercial development in Evans, Martinez. Industrial development at John Deere Industrial Park, the new Wide Oak business park over in Appling. But, laying out where those types of developments belong in the county,” Montgomery said.

A revision to this plan is made every 10 years, with the next being in 2025.