Columbia County survey asks residents if they’d like to have a brewery within the county


It’s a survey that could make a big difference on where you go to sample a cold one.

It’s asking if those who live in Columbia County would like a brewery.

“I think it’s a great idea…why not,” said Columbia County Resident Harold Clack.

“Why send people over to Richmond County to buy beer or taste beer when you can have it here in Columbia County,” said Columbia County Resident Wanda Clack.

Development Authority Executive Director Robbie Bennett says he’s been getting a lot of people saying, “yes” too.

“Overwhelmingly, people want it. People see them as not only opportunities for the beer tasting aspect but that social activity,” said Bennett.

The survey gets pretty detailed; asking your age, sex, even how much your home is worth.

“We’ll see how this data goes back to the brewers we’re working with and see what Columbia County can do to support that,” said Bennett.

Bennett says it’s that type of information in the detailed survey that potential brewers want to hear about for branding and marketing purposes.

When it comes to where it should go-

“As close to my house as possible,” laughs Wanda Clack.

“About 84 percent have been in the Evans area,” said Bennett.

Bennett says he’s seen some men wanting a brewery but was surprised that more married women are interested after reading the surveys.

While he has more than 150 completed surveys in hand, Bennett says he needs a lot more before he can talk to potential brewers and take his findings to county leaders.

“Once we have the survey completed and data we feel comfortable with, that’s when we’ll really have some strong conversations with the county leadership and what the county can support and how we can help industry grow as a whole,” said Bennett.

If you’d like to fill out the survey, head to:

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