EVANS, Ga (WJBF)- Thursday, the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office held an active shooter training at Evans High School. It’s part of a month long series of sessions that all officers have to do every year.

In light of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, the active shooter training by the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is more important than ever.

“I mean, as time goes on, these events seem to occur more often, like you just said. And so having the correct response, as fast as possible is key,” said Staff Sergeant Dale Newman with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office Training Division.

Active shooter training by Columbia County Sheriff’s Office at Evans High School.

It’s part of a month long series of sessions that all officers have to do every year. SSG Newman said they invite other agencies to participate– including school resource officers and firefighters.

“They participate because they’re the one who are going to be rendering medical aid. And at the end we do scenarios that include them. And they get to practice their response as well.”

This was Officer Cami Fleming’s first active shooter training. She has only been a police officer for a year and saif she’s excited learn from this–especially because of recent events.

“Police departments are really stepping up their game with making sure all personnel in the departments are trained,” said Officer Fleming. “That includes CID, school resource officers, everybody is included in the training, so they know exactly what to do when something like that goes down.”

Officer Fleming told NewsChannel 6, that as a parent, knowing that local police and school security are trained in case a gunman shows up at school, she feels safe sending her kids into a classroom.

“I will tell other parents that, in this area, we take this seriously. And we train hard and good for this” she said.

SSG Newman said the best defense against an active shooter situation is to be ready for it.

“I mean, there’s always a potential. You don’t ever know when it’s going to happen. And so we’re just going to be prepared when it does,” he explained.

Law enforcement receives tactical training and participates in a scenario exercise, learning how to stop a gunman as soon as possible.