COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. ( WJBF) — The novel ‘ To Kill a Mockingbird’ will stay in Columbia County school libraries and curriculum after a committee decided to take no action a parent’s appeal to ban the book.

“After lengthy discussion we found that ‘ To Kill a Mockingbird ‘ offers excellent opportunities for teachers to address a variety of standards,” Columbia County Schools associate superintendent Michelle Sherman said.

A parent filed an appeal to ban the book because of its racial themes.

A committee – made up of parents and teachers – reviewed the complaint and made a decision at Tuesday’s meeting.

“The teacher did an excellent job of showing us how she used it in her classroom and really gave us insight into the numerous standards that she can teach using this particular novel,” Sherman said.

Columbia County Schools associate superintendent Michelle Sherman said the book appeal process involves input from both teachers and parents.

“We go through and read the book in its entirety and then we offer the parent an opportunity to come in and present its concerns to us. Then we offer the teacher to come and share how its taught in the classroom.”

The committee makes the decision based on rubric that considers factors such as the relevance, quality, appropriateness and vulgarity of the book.

Sherman said in the future parents can also talk to a teacher first before beginning an appeal process.

“If anyone could have heard this teacher and how she used it in the classroom they would have felt so much better about this book in general. So, we always encourage our families to go to the teacher first,” Sherman said.