COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) — Adapting to the digital world, Columbia County school leaders say the district’s first digital learning day last Friday was a success.

It gave students a chance to explore different digital activities. There were no textbooks or pencils. All of the lessons were electronic.

At Tuesday night’s school board meeting, members got an update on ways technology can be taught to students in the classroom and at home.

“We learned a lot. I think the kids learned a lot,” said Associate Superintendent Michele Sherman. “A lot of the feedback I got was, ‘it was great to be in my child’s classroom. I was able to see the amazing things they we’re doing’.”

School leaders want to make sure the use of technologies like tablets and personal computers is second nature for students when the graduate.

“Our hope is that by the time they leave they’ll be adequately prepared to enter the work force or college, and we know that many of our universities and colleges are using these very same learning tools”, said Sherman.

Sherman says after looking back on the first digital learning day they found ways to advance technology for students that could be implemented next school year.

“Of course, as with anything brand new, we got some feedback on ways that we can improve and we will certainly continue to work on that and look at those responses “ said Sherman.

The next digital learning day will take place in March 2023.