APPLING, Ga (WJBF)- The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is now able to track crime in real time.

Law enforcement is now better able to respond to emergencies thanks to the new “Real Time Crime Center”.

This new addition to the call center will allow police to respond to accidents and crime much faster than before.

It’s like something you would see on a crime drama- a full wall of monitors that allows the operators to see maps and cameras all over Columbia County. They are now able to relay information to deputies in real time.

“It utilizes cameras and other tools that help us respond to scenes very quickly. What we call virtual response. So, when we get calls about incidents happening and things of that nature, we’re able to be on scene very quickly,” said Lt. Jamey Moss, supervisor for the 911 Real Time Crime Center.

This more than half a million dollar center shows dispatchers where all officers in the field are– tracking both their cars and their radios.

Traffic cameras catch accidents that happen near them as well as crimes in progress.

In a recent incident, a suspect was hiding in the woods and dispatchers found him on camera and directed officers to his location.

“This center is going to enable us to catch more criminals. That’s what it boils down to. If people are going to come and commit crimes in Columbia County we’re gonna catch them and all these tools here are going to help us do it,” said Lt. Moss.

Lt. Moss explained that employees are still training with the system but that it has already been a game changer for the department.

Dispatchers can also see fire hydrant locations for fire fighters and tell paramedics where the nearest heart defibrillator is.

The project took 5 months to complete and is now fully operational.

“Nobody ever wants to be a victim of a crime. But if someone finds themselves to be a victim of a crime, whether their car gets broken into or their credit card gets stolen, or anything really, a robbery, whatever the case may be. We’re going to utilize all of this technology to find out who did it and try to bring them into custody,” Lt. Moss said.

Lt. Moss said that this is also a great tool that will improve inter-county communication that will help catch suspects who cross county lines.