HARLEM, Ga. (WJBF) – UPDATE: Harlem city officials say there has been a further delay in restoring power to the area.

UPDATE: According to Harlem’s official Facebook page, power is now being restored throughout the city, but some places may not be back in service until 2 a.m. Warming centers in Columbia County will be closing. Anyone with an emergency is advised to call 911.

Harlem city officials now say it could be 10pm on Christmas Eve before power is restored to some parts of the city. A post on the city’s Facebook page reads, “Update from Georgia Power: Power is expected to be restored by 10 pm. We believe the new equipment has just came into town. It will take a while for installation and then the turning on of the power may be a slow process in order to not cause power surges with all of the electrical items being on (plugged in, lights that were on when power went out, heaters, heat pumps, etc.). We appreciate everyone’s patience during this process.”

Columbia County officials have opened warming centers at Patriots Park and Liberty Park due to the widespread power outage in Harlem on Christmas Eve, as the WJBF Live VIPIR6 weather team forecasts record-breaking cold temperatures.

A warming center at the Dearing Community Center planned to close at 7 p.m., but a sign on the door offered further assistance to those in need.

County officials advise, if you are without power and need transportation to a warming center, call 706-556-0807.

According to Harlem’s Facebook page, “a main transformer has blown and a new one is being transported down from Atlanta. It could be 8 pm (Saturday night) before the power is restored.”

Reporter Brett Buffington is in Harlem for WJBF. Count on NewsChannel 6 for updates as this story develops.