Columbia County offers PTO incentive to essential employees who leave their homes and come to work rather than hazard pay


EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) — Grovetown leaders will give a pay raise to certain essential employees. But what about Columbia County’s employees?

Columbia County doesn’t have a hazard pay policy. Instead, employees get a paid time off incentive.
It’s basically getting a day for working a day.

“Every day that you’re physically at the office, you will accumulate a day of PTO,” explained Scott Johnson. “That’s to compensate people that are being paid to be at home and expected to be at work. However, you’re going above and beyond by coming into the office.”

County Administrator Scott Johnson says it’s a policy the board of commissioners referred back to and tweaked if the county was ever to close due to inclement weather.

“This is going to be a case where you’re going to have people who have a lot of PTO,” said Johnson. “The maximum we allow people to carry over is 320 hours.”


Scott Johnson: “If we just took a per-hour amount and spread it out over all of the employees, that is certainly one way to do it. The incentive is providing some additional compensation. Our employees that are doing different types of jobs, being able to compensate them at the regular rate of pay is the fair way to do that.”

The Board of Commissioners would have to approve that arrangement.

“I can tell you our commission is exceptionally supportive, and as long if this is fiscally sound, I’m sure they will consider that,” said Johnson.

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