Columbia County mobile app helps county-resident communication


Columbia County is in the palm of your hand with their My County mobile app.

You can pay bills, see road closures, and even check out county events at the touch of a button.

This app has an augmented reality feature. You can take your phone and scan it around destination places in the area. You’ll see these pinpoints pop up on your screen. All you do is you hit one and it gives you all the information, right here at your fingertips.

Columbia County’s Public Relations Manager, Cassidy Harris, says, “we just figured this is the way that governments are going. You don’t see it a lot. So, we kind of wanted to be one of the first, and we are one of the first in the state of Georgia to offer this app.”

Do you want to pay your water bills? Check. See community events? Check. And if you want to find a lost pet or adopt an animal, you can do that too.

“So, you see all of our adoptable animals up right now, and then if you search you can filter the pets. So, if you’re only interested in cats, if you’re only interested in dogs, or if you know yours is lost you can customize,” says Harris, “and it automatically populates every fifteen minutes.”

The county works closely with the Sheriff’s Office to update any road closures or accidents causing traffic delays.

“We’re putting that in our maps portion, so when you pull up the map sign you can see those specific road closures,” says Harris.

The free mobile app allows you to report 311 issues and even attach a photo. Then the county can contact you about the status of your request.

“For the county it’s been awesome because it’s been an added layer of communication for us,” says Harris. “So, when you do report an issue through the app, you can do it anonymously if you choose to, or you can provide your contact information.”

With a large amount of construction projects in the county…

“If you’re a contractor as far as development goes,” says Harris, “you should be able to determine where your permit or your license is in the process for application.”

The app launched about a year ago, and there’s been slow growth until recently.

“Within the past 6 months we’ve had about 3,000 people download the app,” says Harris.

Since this app started just last year, the county is still gathering analytics to fine tune some of the features on this platform.

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