Columbia County commissioners taking up a handful of proposals aimed at protecting animals


Several rescue groups, breeders and trainers addressed issues with animals in Columbia County.

Some of the issues included mandatory spay and neutering, a proposed tethering ordinance, and what will the county do with the 40 plus horses that were reported neglected in Grovetown.

“Our main goal originally was to speak about spay and neutering,” said Christina Eid. “Also to establish an anti-tethering ordinance.”

Tuesday’s commission meeting was a little different from previous ones. Dozens of concerned animal lovers showed up to be the voice for animals in Columbia County. 

“The situation for animals here in Columbia County is just horrible,” explained Eid. “Not only with the horses but other animals. “With the puppies being thrown out of the window. There is zero protection for animals here.”

Columbia County Commission Vice-Chair, Gary Richardson says the council will meet about having a stronger law established. 

“We will recommend they take a look at our current ordinances, and see if we are outbounds in some way,” said Richardson.

Animal rescuers also asked the commissioners what’s taking so long to move the horses to better living conditions.

“Right now we the community are neglecting those animals,” explained Pondy. “Because we are not getting them out of that situation while we wait for whatever is going to happen.”

Richardson says the county is waiting for the judge to make a ruling before they can move forward.

“Those horses are somebody’s property,” said Richardson. “For us to go out and take control of those horses and remove them; we don’t have that right.” 

The ordinances aimed at protecting animals in Columbia County will be discussed in the next committee meeting, on February 26th.

PhotoJournalist: Antony Sherrod

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