Columbia County Commissioner Trey Allen is running for GA State Senate, District 23


From Columbia County Commission to Georgia State Senate, Trey Allen, is on the campaign trail.

He’s running for District 23 after Senator Jessie Stone announced he was not running for re-election on Saturday.

Allen served 12 years on the board, but his commissioner term ends this year.

“The state senate district 23 fits me very well,” says Commissioner Allen.

11 counties will soon be looking to a new state leader, Commissioner Allen sees it fit to take a seat.

“I’m very excited. I’m excited about the campaign. I’m excited about the opportunity to meet people throughout the district,” says Commissioner Allen.

His two top focuses: education and the workforce.

“I’ve seen the need across the spectrum of jobs that we need qualified workers in every field. I see the abilities and opportunities we have to educate our kids and put them in the workforce,” says Commissioner Allen.

He also wants to put more control into local governments.

“Having been a county commissioner for over a decade, I’ve seen mandates come down from the state and federal level that put obstacles in our way of trying to serve the people of our county, and I want to make sure that the government who is closest to you is the government that serves you best,” says Commissioner Allen.

His different positions throughout his career has connected him to different people at a local and state level, like his service on the Department of Community Affairs.

“Which deals with local governments and tying them together with federal dollars and state dollars has put me in a position where I’ve gotten to see a lot of opportunities and arrangements between the local structure and the state and federal,” says Commissioner Allen.

NewsChannel 6’s Jenna Kelley asked Commissioner Allen,”what’s the importance for you to run for Georgia State Senator?”

He responded, “I think that Georgia is on an incredibly well placed trajectory. Unemployment is at an all time low. We are the number one state to do business for several years running. We’re growing. I think that I want to be a part of continuing that momentum.”

There is a democratic candidate, Ceretta Smith, running against him, so there will be a vote in the general elections in November of this year.

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